After the Hunt
Huntsman and Three Hounds

19" x 18" x 15"
Edition of 30
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"Both Roger and I “Rode to the Hounds” with the Arapahoe Hunt in Colorado.  George Beeman was huntsman for 55 years and has left three generations of horseman following his extraordinary example."

           Beyond Tradition

Tradition begins early
            For the field
                        Tying stocks and pulling on black shiny boots
                                    But for one
It begins pre-dawn
            Readying the horses and hounds
                        Brushing and feeding and patting each one

The field is gathered
            On bays and grays
                        Wearing scarlet and black and well polished tack
Each takes a place
            Behind the man and his hounds
                        As the snow falls softly
                                    Collecting on their shoulders and hats

The only sounds
            Are oak brush scraping leather
                        And impatient knickers
                                    Then the stillness is broken
By the baying of hounds and blast of the horn
            And we are racing wildly after a quarry
                        That we seldom see and don’t want to catch

The field’s day is now complete
            As we head back to the barn
                        Looking like apparitions
                                    In the rising steam from our mounts
The warmth of the fire and the brandy
            Will soon feel good
                        To all but one

The hounds will be gathered
            For the slow walk home
                        Brandy and fire don’t cross his mind
                                    As his tradition doesn’t end with the last run
His horse and hounds worked hard
            And the day is not complete
Until he has thanked each and every one