No Turning Back

18" x 14" x 9"
Edition of 30
Sold Out - 1 Casting Available on Secondary Market - $10,000

"No Turning back is without a doubt one of my most significant works.  It seems to be timeless in that it has been reproduced on the cover of a CD album in which a song was composed from the accompanying poem I wrote.  Arizona Highways used an image of the sculpture on the cover of a book titled "Stalwart Women". 
Every major western art magazine has used an image of "No turning Back", and it was featured in "Sculptors of the Rockies", a book produced by Southwest Art magazine in 2009.  The life-size version of "No Turning Back" is now on the cover of a book on my work of the same name.

No Turning Back

Too young and naive
to think they could fail

Too full of visions
for the end of the trail

They stored their silk dresses
and donned calico

To join in the cry
of Westward Ho

Their diaries tell
of the endless hours

The vast sea of grass
and bounty of wildflowers

They tell of children
conceived and born

And of those who were buried
in the gray silent morn

Still the wagons rolled on
and the ruts got deeper

The column moved westward
as the route got steeper

Teams dropped from exhaustion
in the summer heat

As the emigrants pressed on
defying defeat

They met Indians who were friends
and many that were foe

They saw days of drought
and blinding snow

Only one thing was certain
along this wagon track

There was absolutely
No Turning Back