Between 1912 and 1940, Olga Little, a petite woman of 5'4", packed in supplied to the gold and silver mines located high in the La Plata Mountains above Durango, Colorado.  She kept forty buros, preferring their docile determination and ability to navigate narrow trails that often climbed to over 11,000 feet in elevation.  She would return from the mines, each burro loaded with three, 70 pound bags of ore, and unload the ore onto railroad cars. 

In order to create this painting and the sculpture, "Prospector's Partner", I engaged the help of two different burro packers, I learned to tie a "double diamond" and pack my own burro, DonKey.  the sheer physical challenge of packing only one burro and hiking in with him only four miles, gave me the highest respect for Olga Little.  She packed and handled up to 20 burros at a time on trails far steeper and longer than those I attempted.