Veryl Goodnight
Sculpting the American West

2013 Sculpting Workshop

Sculpting the Burro
June 3 - June 7, 2013
Mancos, CO 


Mancos is in Southwestern Colorado in a beautiful high mountain valley.  It is a half hour west of Durango and 6 miles east of Mesa Verde National Park.  Classes will be held in Veryl Goodnight's monument studio just four miles from the town of Mancos.  The monument studio is on the north end of the horse barn.  There is a "model run" on the west side of the studio as well as an overhead door connecting the arn aisle with the studio, to allow working from life indoors during inclement weather.


Mancos has a small selection of inexpensive motels and bed and breakfasts as well as nearby campgrounds.


Working from Life
Beginner through Advanced
Individual Attention
Demonstrations of Each Step
Live Models
Class Limited to 10
Instruction is from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday

Sunday, June 2
6 p.m. - Get acquanted reception and set up

Studio open 24 hours a day for early and late work opportunities

50% deposit is required to hold your space in the class.  The deposit is non-refundable after May 1 unless your  relinquished space can be filled.

This is an ideal class for anyone interested in sculpting or painting animals.  You will learn an armature system that allows you to sculpt an animal in any imaginable position.  Veryl will guide you, starting with the armature and analyzing every anatomical element from the nose to the tail.  After the armature, we move to the skeleton and work out to the profile while discussing proportions, planes and movement.  You will be working right next to live horse models in addition to this years star model, DonKey the burro.

Direct all questions to me at (I am happy to answer questions regarding logistics, but please save questions regarding actual sculpting, for the class).  Mail checks to me at:

44255 Road L, Mancos, CO  81328


Images from Veryl's Past Workshops

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44255 Road L
Mancos, Colorado  81328

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