Veryl Goodnight
Sculpting and Painting the American West


May 20th and 21st, 2016
Veryl will be teaching "An Introduction to Plein Air Painting"
through the Mancos School of the West


"Sculpture and Painting Tips from Veryl" 

I taught horse sculpture for 30 years and after retiring from teaching, I chose to once again do a horse sculpture of my own - “The Bachelor Band”.  Horses are the best animal to study in order to learn anatomy since they have short hair and the bones and muscles are clearly visible. This also makes them one of the most challenging animals to get right. Because of the precision needed to sculpt the head and body, the real fun and creative options come with the movement, the use of interesting negative spaces between the legs - and most of all - how you handle the manes and tails. The manes and tails have to be thought of as masses rather than hair. The direction that mass flows as well as the silhouette it creates can make or break a horse sculpture. I was particularly happy with the effect gained by having the manes and tails flow back on the first two stallions, and then reverse direction to flow forward on the last stallion. By having him rear up, the change of direction made sense. In doing this, I was able to direct the eye of the viewer along the length of the sculpture and then return the eye back to the first stallion.


Images from Veryl's Past Workshops




2011 Workshop



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