Veryl Goodnight Gallery
Mancos, Colorado

Roger and I opened a small studio/gallery in downtown Mancos in 2006. In 2008, Roger expanded opening Goodnight Trail Gallery of Western Art ™ on the corner of Grand and Main. This gallery closed in 2016 as we down sized, taking back our original space on Grand Avenue. After a major remodel, this has become our Home Base, with art coming and going to the other galleries and shows that represent my work. This small and charming space is also the location of several annual events.

Trailside Gallery
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

I began showing at Trailside around 1970 when it was owned by Ginger Renner. Christine Mollring purchased the gallery in 1971 and took Trailside to the top rung of galleries specializing in Western Art. Maryvonne Leshe became a partner in 1994 and bought Trailside in 2002 and it has continued to grow under her meticulous supervision until Trailside has become an icon in the world of Western Art. Trailside has been a major force in the success of my career. I continue to show both bronze and paintings in many of their annual exhibits.

Medicine Man Gallery
Tuscon, Arizona

Mark and Kathleen Sublette both have medical degrees that they set aside for their love of art. I began showing with this energetic and brilliant couple while living in Santa Fe in the 1980’s. They have now condensed their extensive collection of art and artifacts featuring the Southwest to a single location in Tucson. Always thinking outside the box, Mark wrote a book on Maynard Dixon in 2019 and included the work of contemporary artists. I am proud to have two paintings included in the book, “Maynard Dixon’s American West – Along the Distant Mesa.”

Ann Korogolos Gallery
Basalt, Colorado

Ann Korologos splits her time between Washington D. C. and a beautiful ranch near the famous ski resort of Aspen, Colorado. Her love of art encouraged her to open a gallery in the charming mountain town of Basalt in the early 2000’s. Aspen is noted as a center for artists with abstract leanings, but Anne has successfully combined her own love of Western Art in with excellent artists whose work is more contemporary. This beautiful little gallery is constantly rotating work, and I do my best to keep them supplied with new and fresh paintings and sculpture.

Broadmoor Gallery
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Retirement did not take for John Marzolf, a prominent Colorado Springs businessman and he purchased the venerable Hayden-Hayes Gallery in 2008. Located in the five star resort hotel, The Broadmoor, John renamed the gallery Broadmoor Galleries. They have carried my work from day one and John was one of the first dealers to embrace my return to oil painting. Today the gallery carries both my sculpture and paintings.

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