The First Online Giclée Offerings

Printed on 100% rag paper with archival inks
All images have a generous border for easy matting and framing

S/N – Signed and numbered limited edition – shipped flat
Open – Signed but not numbered – shipped flat
Prices include shipping in U.S.

The Gold Rush Dogs
20H x 40W (SPECIAL EDITION of 25 – Printed To Order) $350
11H x 22W (S/N Limited edition of 150) $130
8H x 16W (S/N Limited edition of 250) $100

The Gold Rush Dogs” was inspired by Jack London’s “Call of the Wild.” It wasn’t until I began researching the history of sled dogs that I realized a black market for dogs during the Klondike Gold Rush of 1898 was a reality. Buck may have been fictional, but he represented 1000’s of dogs stolen “from Puget Sound to San Diego” and shipped to Alaska
to serve needs of men and women struck with gold fever.

I spent several years collecting photos of dogs that would have been likely candidates for theft – Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, and Great Pyrenees were among those that were most sought after, as were dogs of the Northland.

I commission a historic sled with plough handles and had leather collar harnesses made for my own recreational team of dogs. Professional musher, Rick St. Onge, modeled as the dog driver, with a 1,000-mile stare that was the hallmark of the gold seekers. To emphasize the diversity of the dogs, I choose a still life composition set, against the northern lights.

The final painting is large – 40H x 80L – so you can look into the dog’s eyes and let them tell their own stories.

The Gold Rush Dogs” is a Tribute to the Dogs that Enable Our Dreams.

Burro Brigade
12H x 19.5W (S/N Limited edition of 100) $145
7.5H x 12W (Open edition) $66

In July, 2019, Mancos, Colorado hosted a “BurroFest.” The event began with a short race and finished with the burros modeling for artists around town. I selected seven of the burros that competed, removed their tack and human partners and created “The Burro Brigade.”

The original painting is 20H x 32L and is still available at Ann Korogolos Gallery in Basalt, Colorado. 
Golden Plains of Yesteryear
13.25H x 22W (Limited Edition of 100) $160

I wanted to create an atmosphere reminiscent of the prairies that once held millions of bison.
The original painting, 30H x 48L, is currently in my gallery in Mancos.

Hopeless Tangle
11.25H x 18W (Limited edition of 50) $130
7.5H x 12W (Open edition) $66

Hopeless Tangle” is about team dynamics. The lines went slack when the third dog got off the packed trail resulting in a tangle. While he is mortified as to the predicament, the youngster behinds him finds it quite amusing. The seasoned leaders, still on the packed trail, are patient, as is the musher. All are mutually dependent on each other.

The original painting is in a private collection.

Under the Spell of Denali
13.75H x 22W (Limited edition of 100) $160
8.75H x 14W (Limited edition of 100) $75

March 2019 I had the privilege of painting along the very route of the first ascent of Denali in 1913. The ascent was only possible with the aide of dog teams. The dogs you see in this painting are still hauling climbing gear today onto the lower elevation to facilitate climbers on this historic Northern Route.

No Time to Spare
13.75H x 22W (Limited edition of 100) $160
8.75H x 14W (Limited edition of 100) $75

Not much has changed since the first ascent of the highest peak in North America, 20,310 Denali – except restoring the mountains native name. Dog teams are as essential to climbers today as they were in 1913. The title “No Time To Spare” applies not just to the incoming storm. It is also referring to rapidly melting snow. Brian Taylor and his powerful dog team need to haul 1,500 pounds of gear onto the Muldrow Glacier earlier each spring or risk being trapped by slush.

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