Giclee is Available to support the National Mustang Association Colorado.

FINE ART GICLEE – Edition Limited to 25

  • Image size 15”H x 22’L – printed on 100% rag paper – 18”H x 24”L
  • Signed and Numbered $160
  • Packing and Shipping $30

“Maestro’s Band”

28H x 38W oil on linen

The wild horses in Mesa Verde National Park are being removed. Many horse lovers fought to keep the horses in the Park, but ultimately the lack of water and damage to surface artifacts resulted in the final decision to remove them.

Maestro and his band were humanely captured in the fall of 2022. Every single horse is now living a safe life in a sanctuary or a forever home. I was able to view Maestro and his band two weeks before their capture and produced this major painting of the horses while still free. Like many, I did not want to see the horses captured. The severity of the 2023 winter, however, and the success of the humane captures has changed my mind. The vision of wild horses running free is an American icon we should preserve. When conditions made that impossible for the Mesa Verde horses, a small group of volunteers in the National Mustang Association are making sure the horses have good futures.

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