24H x 30W
Oil on Linen
Not for sale at this time

This team is comprised of my own dogs, dogs from Points Unknown in Minnesota, dogs from 2019 Denali trip and other Alaskan trips. My goal was to portray the work ethic of these magnificent animals that often meant the difference between life and death. There are many stories of dogs and drivers overcoming seemingly unsurmountable odds, however, an essay by Joe May about the 1986 Yukon Quest was the primary inspiration. Joe’s essay and an ounce of gold nuggets he won in 1986 will be framed and accompany the painting when it is on exhibit.

The overwhelming response to this painting when it was posted on Facebook brought me to tears.
I have struggled for 12 years to bring fine art and the real dog together. Facebook comments came from some of the best artists working today as well as well-known mushers and authors whose specialty is sled dogs history.

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