“Country Living”

14H x 27L x 5W
Edition 21

Blue Bell Creamery of Branham, Texas commissioned me to bring their logo to life.  Blue Belle was founded 1907 and the silhouette of a little girl leading a Jersey cow is well known in Texas.   A young girl leading a dairy cow, however, goes far beyond the Texas borders.  It brings back images of our ancestors co-existing with farm animals.

I researched Jersey cattle at Mountain Shadows Dairy in Litchfield Park, Arizona.  The owner was gracious in educating me about Jersey conformation.  An ideal cow was selected, videoed, photographed and measured.  I sculpted directly from her on several occasions.  The little country girl was sculpted from Chessie Kimble in Cortez, Colorado.  Video enabled me to study the movement of both Chessie and the Jersey cow, helping bring the silhouette to life from 360 degrees.

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