“Second Thoughts”

Life-Size Bronze
6’6”H x 6’6”L x 2’6”W
Edition 7
$125,000 / LAST CASTING

Second Thoughts is a quiet sculpture.  It represents a common scene in most barns and ranches.  The ever curious cat has just lost her courage when the horse dropped his muzzle to meet her.  The cat’s position is slightly off balance, as she is ready to turn and flee.  I have always wanted to see this sculpture placed where children could pet the nose of the horse and the cat.  The greatest compliment to me would be to see the patina rubbed off both noses.  The final artistic touch would come from all those little hands, doing no harm to the sculpture while showing love for animals and polishing the noses to a high shine.

Second Thoughts was sculpted from my own Arab/Quarter horse gelding, Matt Dillion.  I purchased Matt Dillion as much for modeling as riding.  He is close to perfect in conformation and not identifiable by breed.  I wanted a horse that fellow horsemen would admire and then ask what breed he was.  Dillion met the test many times. People have deeply personal relationships with horses and this makes sculpting them more complex than sculpting the figure.  Horsemen who have a specific breed often reject the appearance of other breeds.  Since horsemen make up a huge part of my market, Dillion’s good conformation and nondescript breeding made him the best equine model I have had.

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